Special Issue of Etnografia e ricerca qualitativa

I am pleased to announce that the special issue of Etnografia e ricerca qualtiativa (Ethnography and qualitative research) I co-edited with Ilaria Giglioli and Alesandro Tiberio, "Rethinking 'Europe' through an ethnography of its borderlands, peripheries, and margins" has just been published. You can read our introduction here, and access the full issue here.

Over the past five years, the combination of the «refugee crisis», the «Euro- zone crisis», and Brexit have placed the definition of Europe’s social and spa- tial boundaries at the center of public attention. As old patterns of exclusion at Europe’s socio/spatial margins are being joined by new ones, we are at a key moment of redefinition of what «Europe» may mean, and who or what may count as «European». This special issue – which emerges from a panel at the Sixth Ethnography and Qualitative Research conference (9-11 June, 2016) – brings together five articles to analyze the multiple ways in which «Europe» is currently being produced, reproduced, and questioned through everyday practices both within and beyond territorial Europe. At a theoretical level, the special issue seeks to break with a clear dichotomy between «Europe» and non-Europe; with bounded understandings of European-ness; and with the idea that migrants embody a «difference» that must be absorbed into a pre-existing, stable and homogeneous notion of Europe. It does so by using the lens of migration to analyze spatial differentiation within Europe and changing perceptions of Europe over time; by casting non-EU migrants as new European actors; and by using a postcolonial lens to question membership and belonging in Europe.