Black and Italian Diasporas in the Contact Zone

Ficre Ghebreyesus

"Solitary Boat in Red and Blue" by Ficre Ghebreyesus

Along with Laura Ruberto of Berkeley City College, I am organizing a series of events this fall entitled "Hopeful Encounters, Violent Collisions: Black and Italian Diasporas in the Contact Zone." This series of events explores the connections of intimacy, violence, cultural creativity, and political struggle that link together the African and Italian diasporas--from the influence of African American musical traditions on Italian American singers, to the influence of Black diasporic resources on contemporary Afro-Italian struggles for recognition, to the mobilizations of Eritreans in the United States and Italy to unearth hidden histories of Italian colonialism. Through presentations, film screenings, and book talks, this series approaches “Afro-Italy” as a complex, global contact zone.

All events in this series are open to the public; see the poster below for more information about the speakers and film screenings!